Affiliate program summary

On the Travelpayouts platform, you can find summary statistics for affiliate programs not only in the Reports and Finance section on the main page of your personal account but also in the Performance tab on each individual program page.

How to find statistics for the program

To study detailed information on a particular affiliate program:

1. Go to the Travelpayouts Programs catalogue.

2. In the opened list find the program you are interested in and click Performance.

Note! To view the statistics you must be connected to the program.

3. The Performance tab of the program’s profile page will be launched, where you will find a display switch: Summary or Bookings. For the Hotellook and Aviasales programs the Popular destinations report is also available. 

Summary report

On the Summary tab you will find:

  • Chart, displaying information for various parameters (Earnings, Searchers, Clicks, Confirmed) for the time period defined below. The Earnings section is selected by default, but you can switch to other sections by clicking on their names. 

  • Table with the program’s statistics.

The table contains the following data:

  • Impressions — the number of times your affiliate widgets and banners were displayed to the audience (does not work for Aviasales and Hotellook tools yet).
  • Clicks — the number of times your audience clicked on affiliate links or other tools placed on your channels. (for Aviasales and Hotellook, "clicks" are considered to be clicks followed by a search on the airline's or agency's website). Only clicks on affiliate links and banners are displayed in this column. As for widgets, only impressions and bookings are counted.
  • Brand’s app installs — the number of mobile applications installed via an affiliate link (relevant only for a part of the affiliate programs).
  • Pending — the number of bookings processed by the travel brand.
  • Canceled the number of bookings canceled by brands. Among possible causes are booking cancellation by travelers, program rules violation, or fraud.
  • Confirmed  — the number of bookings confirmed by brands. You’ll receive earnings for these bookings with one of your next payouts.
  • ECPC — the average earnings from one click.
  • Earnings — the rewards you earned for bookings via your affiliate tools. This is what goes towards your balance and payouts.
  • Potential earningsthe earnings you will receive from pending bookings if brands confirm them.

The block with settings and filters is located above the table. They allow you to select the grouping of the first column and filter the table’s content, such as:

  • Period — the period of time for which the data is displayed
  • Grouping — allows users to select a grouping option:
    • by days
    • by month
    • by user country
    • by device type
    • by SubID
    • by host
    • by Project
  • Device — allows you to display data only for those actions that were performed by users from certain devices
  • Customer’s country — filters the report by the country in which the user is located
  • SubID — displays statistics on SubIDs that you created when adding the tool.
  • Referrer domain — the website from which the user opened the link before booking;
  • Project — the name of your Project created in Travelpayouts.

Once you have selected the conditions for grouping and filtering the report, click Apply.

Bookings report

The Bookings tab contains information about all things that happen to the bookings:

  • receipt of information about the booking
  • booking confirmation
  • booking cancellation
  • change of rates, etc

The Actions section contains the following information:

  • Date
  • SubID
  • Description — information about the booking
  • Booking ID — a unique activity identifier in the Travelpayouts database. Use it when contacting support
  • Booking type — (hidden by default): indicates if it was just a click or a booking.
  • Status — the status that was set for the booking by this action
    • Confirmed
    • Pending
    • Canceled
  • Booking value — the price of the booking
  • Earnings — the total remuneration to be received by the partner from the booking
  • Potential earnings — Displays the total (potential) income from bookings in the Pending status

To show/hide columns, click on the settings button above the report:

To see more information about the booking, place the cursor next to the description, and the View details button will appear. Click View details or Action ID in the table to open the detailed booking information.

A window with detailed information will open:

Bookings report settings and filters

Bookings report contains the same set of filters that are available for the Summary report, you can find more information above.

If you are connected to the programs Hotellook and Aviasales, you will notice that their statistics display additional fields. You can find out more about this in the article Aviasales and Hotellook statistics.