Ticketmaster affiliate links

For most partner programs in Travelpayouts, links are built according to one scenario, the description of which can be found in the article How to create a link to any page of the travel brand’s website. The Ticketmaster partner program has a feature of link generation, which will be discussed in this article.

Once you've connected to the Ticketmaster program, you can start posting affiliate links to the brand site on your resources. However, Ticketmaster does not support a deep link creation form or Google Chrome extension, so you will only find ready-made links on the Tools tab of the program. 

But there is still a way to manually create links to specific tickets and concerts on Ticketmaster and set the exact parameters that will be displayed once you click the link. Using such links increases the chance of purchase because the user doesn't have to spend time searching on their own, they can proceed to payment straight away.

Please note, you must be connected to the Ticketmaster program to use partner links.

Getting a link to the Ticketmaster website

First, we need to create a link to the Ticketmaster website page, where we will send users.

1. Go to the Ticketmaster website and select the country/domain to which your partner link will lead. The Ticketmaster program now includes the following countries and sites:

  • Australia — www.ticketmaster.com.au
  • Austria — www.ticketmaster.at
  • Belgium — www.ticketmaster.be
  • France — www.ticketmaster.fr
  • Finland — www.ticketmaster.fi
  • Czech Republic — www.ticketmaster.cz
  • Denmark — www.ticketmaster.dk
  • Germany — www.ticketmaster.de
  • Ireland — www.ticketmaster.ie
  • Italy — www.ticketmaster.it
  • Netherlands — www.ticketmaster.nl
  • Norway — www.ticketmaster.no
  • Poland — www.ticketmaster.pl
  • Spain — www.ticketmaster.es
  • Sweden — www.ticketmaster.se
  • Switzerland — ticketmaster.ch
  • United Kingdom — www.ticketmaster.co.uk

2. Go to the page to which the partner link should lead. This can be a page with a specific event or with a list of events of a certain category, for example, https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/browse/football-catid-11/sport-rid-10004

3. Encode the link from step 2. To do this you can use any online service convenient for you, for example: testigma.com, urlencoder.org, etc. To encode a link, copy and paste it into the special field on the selected service and click Encode.

As a result, you will get a link looking like this:


4. Add an encoded link after the parameter ?u= of one of the links below, depending on the selected country:

  • Australia: https://ticketmaster-au.tm7566.net/c/1209822/431533/7566?u=
  • Austria: https://ticketmaster-at.tm8116.net/c/1209822/454812/8116?u=
  • Belgium: https://ticketmaster-be.tm7522.net/c/1209822/427771/7522?u=
  • Czech Republic: https://ticketmaster-cz.tm9743.net/c/1209822/591899/9743?u=
  • Denmark: https://ticketmaster-dk.tm7521.net/c/1209822/427769/7521?u=
  • Finland: https://ticketmaster-fi.tm7520.net/c/1209822/427767/7520?u=
  • France: https://ticketmaster-fr.tm7516.net/c/1209822/427761/7516?u=
  • Germany: https://ticketmaster-de.tm7514.net/c/1209822/427757/7514?u=
  • Ireland: https://ticketmaster-ie.tm7512.net/c/1209822/427753/7512?u=
  • Italy: https://ticketmasteritalia.46uy.net/c/1209822/458790/8188?u=
  • Holland: https://ticketmaster-nl.tm7510.net/c/1209822/427748/7510?u=
  • Norway: https://ticketmaster-no.tm8215.net/c/1209822/462382/8215?u=
  • Poland: https://ticketmaster-pl.tm8185.net/c/1209822/458655/8185?u=
  • Switzerland: https://ticketmaster-ch.tm8186.net/c/1209822/458657/8186?u=
  • Spain: https://ticketmaster-es.tm7508.net/c/1209822/427744/7508?u=
  • Sweden: https://ticketmaster-se.tm7505.net/c/1209822/427737/7505?u=
  • United Kingdom: https://ticketmaster-uk.tm7559.net/c/1209822/431519/7559?u=

You should get a link looking like this:


Creating a partner link

After you have created a link to the page you need, you need to transform it into a Travelpayouts partner link from it. Without this, clicks and purchases will not be included in the statistics of the Ticketmaster partner program and you won't receive any rewards. 

To transform the link:

1. Encode the link from the previous step. To do this you can use any online service convenient for you, for example: testigma.com, urlencoder.org, etc. To encode a link, copy and paste it into the special field on the selected service and click Encode.

2. Insert the resulting link after the equal sign of the parameter u in the following link template:


Pay attention to the shmarker parameter — you need to specify your ID in it and, if necessary, a SubID separated by a dot.

Example of a link for the 11501 ID and the ticketmaster SubID:


3. Copy and place created link to your website or any other resource.

4. After you place the link, please follow it. The click should be displayed in the reports within a few minutes.