Statistics and reports


The report displays general information about all clicks, searches and purchases of clients coming from a affiliate.

Additionally, the affiliate can access separate statistics for each program.


The table contains the following columns:

  • Impressions - the number of impressions of widgets and affiliate program search forms (does not work for Jetradar and Hotellook tools yet).
  • Clicks - the number of clicks on affiliate tools and links (for Jetradar and Hotellook, clicks are considered to be clicks followed by a search on the advertiser's website).
  • Pending - the number of orders processed by the advertiser.
  • Cancelled - the number of orders canceled by the advertiser.
  • Paid - the number of prepaid booking.
  • ECPC - the effective cost per click.
  • Payout - the income received by the affiliate from the prepaid booking.
  • Poss income - displays the total income from bookings in the "Pending" status.

Report Settings

The block with settings and filters is located above the table.


They allow the affiliate to select the contents of the first column and filter the contents of the table. The first column can contain the following information:

  • Period - the period for which the data is displayed.
  • Grouping - allows to select a grouping option:
    • by programs;
    • by days;
    • by markers.
  • Sub id - displays statistics on additional markers created by the affiliate.
  • Program - shows data for a specific program.

Once you have selected the conditions for grouping and filtering the report, click Apply.


The tab Actions contains information about all actions in statistics. Actions are understood to mean any changes in a affiliate's balance:

  • receipt of information about the booking;
  • booking confirmation;
  • booking cancellation;
  • change of rates and more.


The Actions section contains the following information:

  • Program - the name of the affiliate program within which the action is performed;
  • Action date and time;
  • Activity ID - a unique activity identifier in the Travelpayouts database. Use it when contacting support;
  • Sub id - an additional marker;
  • Action type;
  • Status - the status that was set for the booking by this action;
  • Sale amount - the cost of booking;
  • Payout - the total remuneration to be received by the affiliate from booking.

Click on the Activity ID in the table to open the detailed booking information. 

A window with detailed information will open:


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