Terms of the Travelpayouts Travel Affiliate Network (from September 15, 2020 till August 17, 2021)

Actual version of Terms you can find here.

(from September 15, 2020 till August 17, 2021)

Please read the following terms before joining Affiliate Network.

You agree with this terms by clicking on the «Register» button and successfully registering on the travelpayouts.com. Authorized users of travelpayouts.com website are deemed to be agreed with this terms.

1. General provisions

1.1. The present document defines the main principles, conditions and methods of permissible use of the Software product and the participation in the Travelpayouts travel affiliate network (hereinafter — the Terms).

1.2. Trademark rights for Travelpayouts and all the software and graphical systems of the Affiliate network is owned by Go Travel Un Limited, registered as a legal entity under the legislation of the Special administrative region of Hong Kong 18.08.2011, registration number 1658681, address: room 1504, 15/F, Chinachem Tower, 34–37 Connaught road Central, Hong Kong (hereinafter — the Owner).

1.3. Basic definitions:

Travel affiliate network / Affiliate network is a form of business cooperation between the Owner, Advertisers and Affiliates, implemented on https://www.travelpayouts.com/, aimed at promoting the goods and/or services of the Advertisers and other third parties on the internet by Affiliates using the Software product and internet services of the Owner for relevant commission.

Advertisers are legal entities or individuals, members of the Affiliate network, offering to advertise and promote in other ways their products and/or services in the travel and travel-related markets of goods and services by providing advertising materials within Affiliate programs.

Affiliates are legal entities or individuals, authorized members of the Affiliate network, who carry out advertising or other promotion of Advertisers' offers using the appropriate software tools of the Owner within the Affiliate network.

Software product is a set of information, software and technical tools that are available on the website https://www.travelpayouts.com/ for:

  • registration in the Affiliate network and getting access to the Affiliate’s Personal dashboard, access to the appropriate Promotional tools for Affiliate programs;
  • getting the Affiliate’s statistics on the results of the promotion of Travel services to calculate the Affiliate’s remuneration;
  • getting information about the operation and direct use of Promotional tools;
  • getting reference information about the Owner, Advertisers, Travel services market and opportunities for monetization of Affiliates' internet projects using the Travelpayouts Knowledge Base and Blog.

Affiliate program is a system of relationships, in which Affiliates are remunerated for the promotion of a specific Travel service or a set of Travel services of one Advertiser or an indefinite number of third-party suppliers of Travel services using the internet services and Promotional tools of the Owner.

Promotional tools are software tools of the Owner, including advertising tools, provided to Affiliates under these Terms and the public offer agreement for monetizing traffic and attracting end users to purchase Travel services. A full list of Promotion tools and their description are available here.

Travel services are hotel services, passenger and baggage transportation services, and other services available for purchase, which are presented on the Owner’s internet services and official websites of Advertisers.

Personal dashboard is a section of the interface of the Software product that contains a visual representation of its functionality and allows the Owner, Affiliates and Advertisers to cooperate within the Affiliate network.

Knowledge Base is a section of the Affiliate network, available at
https://support.travelpayouts.com/hc/en-us and containing detailed information on the operation of the Software product, its permissible use, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. The Knowledge Base contains the present Terms, Policies of the Affiliate network, and certain mandatory terms of cooperation.

Travelpayouts Blog is a section of the Affiliate network available at https://travelpayouts.com/blog and containing copyright informational materials, including those covering various aspects of the Software product.

2. Terms of participation in the Affiliate network and terms of use of the Software product

2.1. Registration. To become an Affiliate, you must complete the registration process on the corresponding page of the Affiliate network using your current email address. If you register on behalf of a legal entity, you shall indicate a corporate email address, with which the Affiliate will be able to authorize throughout the entire cooperation.

2.2. For further authorization, the Affiliate uses the email address specified during registration for a username and password. From the moment of registration and the first authorization in the Affiliate network, the Owner assigns to the affiliate a unique code-identifier (marker) and provides access to the Personal dashboard for further targeted use of its functionality.

2.3. The Affiliate shall be solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their login and password for authorization in the Affiliate network. It is assumed that from the moment of authorization all actions performed using the functionality of the Personal dashboard or Promotional tools are performed by the Affiliate or by another person who has a proxy from the Affiliate for such actions.

3. Tools and Affiliate programs

3.1. The Affiliate has access to certain Promotional tools for Travel services in accordance with the terms of the corresponding Affiliate programs to which the Affiliate is a participant.

3.2. From the moment of first authorization, each Affiliate is considered by default a member of the Affiliate programs of Aviasales/JetRadar, Hotellook and the referral program of Travelpayouts for affiliate programs of Aviasales/JetRadar, Hotellook.

3.3. The Affiliate can join any other Affiliate program presented in the Affiliate network from their Personal dashboard. Information about each program, connection procedure and special terms of the corresponding Affiliate program are presented on the program’s unique webpage. Joining one of the programs means that the Affiliate agrees to its terms.

3.4. A list of all available programs is presented on the Affiliate’s Personal dashboard. The Affiliate may join some of the Affiliate programs only with the Advertiser’s prior consent.

3.5. To promote Affiliate programs, the Affiliate uses only the tools that are available for the corresponding program and are implemented exclusively using the functionality of the Software product within the graphical interface of the Affiliate’s Personal dashboard.

3.6. The implementation of Promotional tools must be carried out in accordance with the Terms, the public offer agreement, the terms of the relevant programs and exclusively on the internet resources legally administered by the Affiliate using the Affiliate’s marker (sites, mobile apps, pages in social networks, etc.). Recommended methods to implement Promotional tools are described by the Owner in the Knowledge Base.

4. Commission and payments

4.1. The Affiliate is remunerated by the Owner or their authorized legal entity for attracting users who successfully made a transaction with the Advertiser and purchased Travel services or performed other actions that are considered a transaction in accordance with the terms of a specific Affiliate program.

4.2. The Travel service shall be purchased after the user is directed from the Affiliate’s internet resource to the seller’s page by means of Promotional tools that are legally used by the Affiliate.

4.3. A successful transaction, that shall be compensated, is a purchase (not cancelled by the user) of the Travel service or any other action of the user who completed the transaction with payment or without it, based on which the Owner receives a fee from the Advertiser within the Affiliate network. However, the subject and type of such transaction are determined by the Advertiser in its sole discretion and may change from time to time.

4.4. Commission is calculated in accordance with the terms of the offer agreement and special rules for calculating and accruing payments for specific Affiliate programs, depending on the subject and type of successful transaction that became the basis for payment.

4.5. The Affiliate can track the performance of implemented Promotional tools and receive information about their commission in real time on the corresponding page of their Personal dashboard.

4.6. The payment of commission earned by the Affiliate is determined by the terms of the public offer agreement, the present Terms and the terms of the specific Affiliate program.

4.7. To receive payments, the Affiliate shall specify their payment details in their Personal dashboard and, if possible, select the payment currency.

4.8. A detailed procedure for payment of commission depending on the payment method used by the Affiliate, the reason for payment, the Advertiser, Affiliate programs’ features, etc., is presented in this section of the Knowledge Base, which is considered an integral part of these Rules.

5. Prohibited actions

5.1. You may not use the Software product in ways other than those expressly permitted by the Owner and that do not meet the goals of the Affiliate network, in illegal ways, or for the purpose of violating the rights and legitimate interests of third parties.

5.2. Affiliates shall not interfere in any way with the operation of the Software product, if this may lead to a violation of its functionality in whole or in part.

5.3. Any technical or software modifications to the code of the Software product or its functionality are not allowed.

5.4. When using the features of the Software product, in particular, Promotional tools, Affiliates shall not use non-agreed and prohibited traffic types to attract users.

5.5. At the same time, other prohibited actions, not specified in these Terms, and special conditions for allowable traffic types for specific Affiliate programs may be set by the rules of such programs and must be specified on their page in the Personal dashboard.

6. Intellectual property

6.1. All intellectual property, in particular, trademarks, logos, brand names, signatures, graphic signs, text materials of the Travelpayouts Blog, Promotional tools and other software packages, placed within the Software product, belong to the Owner, Advertisers, and third parties involved by the Owner or Advertisers of the Affiliate network.

6.2. Affiliates do not have the right to use the intellectual property specified in section 6.1. beyond the intended cooperation and functionality of the Software product in connection with participation in the Affiliate network.

6.3. The fact that Affiliates use the Software product, Promotional tools, interface, Travelpayouts Blog, etc., does not imply that Affiliates get any rights to intellectual property presented by the Owner in the Affiliate network, except for the rights expressly provided by the public offer agreement.

6.4. Affiliates are required to respect the legitimate interests and rights of third parties, in particular those related to the rights to intellectual property, when promoting any Travel service or a set of Travel services of one Advertiser or an indefinite number of third-party Travel service providers using the internet services and Promotional tools of the Owner.

6.5. In the case of unauthorized use by the terms of the Affiliate network and law copying of corporate style, logos, names, domain names, content, etc. of the Owner, Advertisers, Travel service providers and any third party by the Affiliate, the Owner is entitled to terminate the contractual relationship with the infringer and restrict their ability to use the Software product in full or partially until the violation is corrected or permanently.

6.6. The Owner can use the right set in section 6.5. even if the infringer does not use directly the specified intellectual property, but their actions may potentially mislead end-users about the connection of their internet resource with the Owner, Advertiser, Travel service provider or other third party.

7. Final provisions

7.1. The Owner has the right at any time and without prior notice to Affiliates to unilaterally change these Terms, the terms of Affiliate programs, and other mandatory documents that constitute the terms of use of the Affiliate network. Any such changes will enter into force upon publication, unless otherwise specified in the text of the changes.

7.2. Changes to these Terms, the public offer agreement and the main policies are published by the Owner on the Travelpayouts Blog. Changes to the rules of Affiliate programs are posted on the program pages and can be published in the Changelog-Latest Changes section of the Personal dashboard.

7.3. The invalidity of one or more conditions of these Terms, regardless of the reason for such invalidity, does not mean that the other conditions of these Terms are not legally binding and do not apply to Affiliates.

7.4. The Owner may consult Affiliates at their request on technical, legal and other specifics of the Software product work and cooperation within the Affiliate network.

7.5. To get advice or make a request, the Affiliate can contact us by email support@travelpayouts.com. Consultations are provided from 09–00 to 18–00 (Moscow time) on working days, the response time to the request is up to 30 (thirty) calendar days. For a faster response or consultation, the Affiliate must accurately and fully state the essence of the request/question.

7.6. These Terms are one of the mandatory documents for cooperation within the Affiliate network, along with the public offer agreement applicable to a particular Affiliate, privacy policy, and separate provisions of the Knowledge Base governing the terms of payments and the terms of use for Promotional tools.