How to implement a White Label in Wordpress

Set up the White Label on Hosting

To implement a white label in wordpress you should set up White Label on the subdomain. For this way you should create the CNAME record for the domain in the DNS settings on your hosting. The CNAME record should look like: " IN CNAME" (avia - it's just example, you can use your own subdomain name).

Important: The CNAME should be an entry in domain settings; you don't need to create a subdomain for White Label on your hosting.

Examples of creating CNAME record in different control panels you can find here

Create the White Label and set up Wordpress

And you should create White Label in the personal account. Than you should install the plugin for Wordpress to your website and paste the White Label name in the settings: 


After that when users make search or click on widget or table data he will see search result on your White Label.

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