How to contact Travelpayouts support

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Travelpayouts support.

You can create and send a request to the support team using the Submit Request form in our Help Center

How to submit a request to support

1. Click Submit a request button at the bottom left corner of any help center page or simply navigate to this page.

2. The requests page will launch where you can try to find a quick answer to your question by clicking on the topic that interests you, which will launch a FAQ with the most popular question. If you can’t find the answer — click Ask a Question.

3. Fill out the fields in the form one by one. :

  • Topic. Choose a category of your request.
  • What do you want to ask? This additional selection will not appear if you choose For beginners, Affiliate programs
  • Subject. Formulate the main subject of your request. You don’t need to describe your problem in this field, just the main subject. For example: SubId is not working in the link.

This field helps us filter the questions and assign them to agents faster.

  • Description. Describe your issue or question in detail. If possible, try to provide examples.
  • Marker. Insert your Travelpayouts ID in this field. 
  • Attachments. Attach screenshots or other files that can help us understand the issue better47.

4. Click Submit.

All done! Your request will be delivered to the support team.

Where to check the status of your request

To check the status of your request, you need to be logged in to the Help Center. To do this, click the Sign in button in the bottom left corner of any help center page.

After signing in, click on the My activities button.

My requests page will open where you can see all requests you’ve submitted with their current status: 

Note! If you weren’t signed in to the Help Center when you submitted a request and you entered an email address different from the one on your account — you won’t be able to see the history of this request here.

What happens after submitting a request

Depending on the complexity of your question, you will either get a reply straight away or our support team can ask you some additional questions to clarify the issue. In this case, the status of the request will be changed to Awaiting your reply. 

You will be contacted via the email address that was provided in the Submit request form. The email will contain a link to the conversation thread with our support team looking like this:

Note: To see the thread you need to be logged in to the Help Center with the same email address as in the request. 

The request will be marked as Solved by our support team member once they have provided help.

Other ways to contact support

You can also contact the support by:

Before contacting Travelpayouts support directly, we strongly encourage you to try to find answers to your questions in our Help Center. We have hundreds of articles covering all topics related to Travelpayouts. Our Help Center is powered with a search engine, allowing you to find information quickly. The Help Center is also available in our mobile app.