Travelpayouts mobile app

This article contains the description of the content and general functions of Travelpayouts mobile app, available for both Android and iOS. The app is a mobile version of the affiliate dashboard, but it has some features that are described below.

General overview of the app

The main purpose of the app is to show the overall and detailed statistics for affiliate programs.

The app also allows you to:

  • receive notifications
  • check out your balance and payments history
  • share your referral link
  • find the information on how to earn with Travelpayouts
  • send a request to our support team.

Please note that with Travelpayouts app, it is impossible to edit your personal details, set or change the payment details, change your email address, copy the affiliate link or the widget code, add projects.

The navigation is performed via the bottom panel (footer) which contains the following tabs:  

  • Main
  • Profile
  • Support


In the upper part of the main screen of the app, there are:

  • Bell button upon a click on this button, the screen with system notifications opens.
  • Earnings — the partner’s pending revenue that includes the bookings in "Paid" status. The balance changes in accordance with the date and time of payouts. Upon a click on "Earnings" button, opens a Finance screen where the details about the balance change and the performed payouts are displayed. 
  • Payment pending — the amount of the partner’s reward due to be paid within the next payment period (doesn’t include the potential income). Like in case with the Earnings, Finance screen opens upon a click on this button.



In the main part of the screen, the information about the statistics for different programs is displayed.

  • Paid — the number of paid bookings.
  • Payout — the reward for the paid bookings.
  • Impressions — the number of displays for widgets and search forms for affiliate programs.
  • Clicks — the number of clicks on affiliate links or other tools.
  • Pending — the number of bookings that are being processed and confirmed on the travel brands’ end.
  • Cancelled — the number of cancelled bookings.
  • Potential income — the income that will be generated after a booking’s status changes from "Pending" to "Paid".

To see the detailed information for a particular affiliate program, click on a card with its name. Upon a click, a screen with the affiliate program summary will open.


You can switch between the screens using the drop-down menu in the upper part of the screen.



You can filter the data by period: current day, yesterday, current week, current month, last month, or specify the custom period.

Upon a click on a filter With data, the list of the following options opens:

  • With data — only the programs that have any data (clicks, impressions, income, etc.).
  • Pinned only — only the programs you pinned using Pin button.

The displayed data changes depending on the selected option. 


In the right upper corner of the screen, you can see Log out button that allows you to log out of the affiliate dashboard. Upon a click on this button, appears a confirmation pop-up asking you to confirm the action.


In the header, you can also do the following:

  • Check out the server time.
  • Double-check your account email address.
  • Check out and copy your affiliate marker ID.
  • Turn on or turn off push notifications.

In the main part of the profile screen, you will find your referral link that can be shared to attract new users.

You can also find the following links on this screen:

  • The screen with the information about the app, containing a list of Travelpayouts social networks, and a link with the instructions.
  • Terms and conditions.
  • Privacy.


The following buttons are available on the support screen:


  • Knowledge base — open the materials from Travelpayouts Help Center.
  • My requests — this sections contains the history of your tickets sent to Travelpayouts support team. On this screen, you can quickly send a new request to Travelpayouts support by clicking on Contact us link.
  • Create a request — send a question to Travelpayouts support team.