You are now among the lucky beggars, capable to create their own valid search analog, using our API.

In addition to the fact, that our API are used for free, it also grants an access to the search results, different statistics data, top destinations of the airline companies and a host of other things.

In the “Developers” section we have gathered all necessary information about access to API and integration of the mobile SDK, which you’d better read. Your token is available here.

You should also read the articles from our knowledgebase:

Besides, we have a feed of special offers and API maps of low prices, which shall make it possible to integrate our search results into the existing maps.

The projects, where our API are successfully used:

These are not the only benefits, which you may gain now. The most important benefit is that we pay you 50–70% of the proceeds from each booking, carried out through your website. To be specific, your revenue shall be, approximately, 7 $ (1.6% of the price) from each purchased airline ticket and 20 $ (on an average) from each hotel reservation at an average check of 400 $.

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