Traffic sources

What is a traffic source

A Traffic Source is a project which you use to promote the services of an advertiser in the Travelpayouts affiliate network.

Traffic sources include:

  • own sites
  • pages on social networks and YouTube channels
  • email newsletters
  • context advertising and traffic arbitration
  • offline travel agency and many more.

Sources help affiliate programs evaluate the type of traffic and its compliance with the rules.

To start working with affiliate programs, you need to create at least one source.

Opportunities for affiliates

Traffic sources are designed to help affiliates analyze the performance of every platform on which you use affiliate tools and promote partner programs. Together with the Sub ID, traffic sources make tracking sales and statistics more convenient and transparent.

Besides, having created a source once and having filled in all necessary information, you can apply for joining any program in two clicks (earlier for each application it was necessary to fill in everything from scratch).

You can create traffic sources for different resources, areas of activity and so on. All affiliate tools can be viewed in statistics by traffic source.

How to add a traffic source

There are two ways to add a new traffic source:

  • through a special section;
  • when applying to join a program.

Traffic sources section

To add a new traffic source, go to the Traffic Source section.


Once in the Traffic Sources tab, click Create Traffic Source.


Next choose the option that suits you best from the list:


For example, if you have your own blog, through which you sometimes order travel services — choose the first option. If you own a travel agency, which has a website you can create two traffic sources — one for customers from the website, and the second one for those who come to your office.

When you choose an option, you will see a hint near the window.


After choosing the project type, click Next.

The choice depends on what you need to specify at the next step:

  • If you’ve chosen the A website, a content project or an app option — specify the resource URL at the second step. You can combine platforms you use. For example, you may list a website, a social media page and a YouTube channel as one traffic source if they have a common audience and topic.
    Next, specify the project type.
    : If you have content on a coupon project, estimate the number of clients visiting your traffic source to read articles and those who come by coupon requests. Select the option which generates more traffic.
  • If you’ve chosen the Advertising or traffic arbitrage option — next, specify the main traffic source:
    Then, enter the name of the source and add a description.
    Tip: it is very important to give a detailed description. This will help advertisers to know your project better and to approve its connection to the affiliate program.
  • If you’ve chosen the Travel Agency option — the second step requires you to specify the information about your agency. The more detailed your description is, the better your traffic source will look for advertisers.
  • If you’ve chosen the Saving money option — you do not need to provide any extra information. Remember that a number of advertisers prohibit the purchase of tourist services for personal purposes. Look carefully at the rules when sending an application to join a partner program.

After filling in all fields, click Create. A notification about the source creation will appear. Then, you can edit your traffic source or go to the list of traffic sources. You can go straight to the editing of the created source or return to the list of sources.


We advise you to provide detailed and informative descriptions as it will boost your chances for approval when you request to join advertisers.

Creating a traffic source when submitting an application

Another way to create a new traffic source is to send a request to join a affiliate program.

Go to the Programs section and choose an advertiser you are interested in. Once in the About tab, click Join.


If you have already created traffic sources, you will be able to select one of them when submitting your request. The description of the source already contains all the necessary information that advertisers require to approve your request.


To create a new traffic source and send a request to join a program, click Create Traffic Source and join. Further, all steps are similar to the process of creating a traffic source described above.

If you send a request to join an advertiser to an advertiser that approves each source manually, the status of the application will be displayed in the About tab.


If the program doesn’t require pre-approval, the source will be immediately connected to the program:


After that, you can go to the Tools section and get the link or widget code with the source ID.

Traffic source management

You can disconnect any traffic source at any time and connect another traffic source instead. To do this, open the affiliate program page and click Manage Traffic Source.


You’ll see a pop-up window with the list of all your traffic sources:


  • Disconnect — disconnects the source from the program. Pay attention: transitions through tools that were added within the framework of this source will no longer be recorded in the statistics.
  • Join — send a request to connect a new traffic source. You can connect any number of traffic sources if they do not contradict the rules of the affiliate program. If you have connected several traffic sources, you can choose them in the settings of affiliate tools.

Editing sources

To edit the traffic source data, go to the Traffic Sources section and click the pencil icon opposite the traffic source name.


You can edit:

  • source name
  • addresses of websites, social networks or YouTube channels
    If, for example, there is a channel on YouTube linked to a site, you can add it in the editing section. Then the traffic from YouTube will also be counted in the statistics for that traffic source
  • project type or method of driving traffic
  • the project description which is the most important part that allows you to present your project to advertisers in a profitable way. The more detailed and qualitative the description is, the higher is the chance that the source will be admitted to the affiliate program when you send the request for the first time.

After you finish editing the source, click Save.

If you still have questions about working with traffic sources, please contact our support team.

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