Finance section explained

In the Finance section of the Travelpayouts account, you can get detailed information about unpaid earnings payouts, and details for receiving the payout.

General description

Click on the corresponding link in the menu to get to the Finance section.

This page contains the following tabs:

  • Balance: contains all information about the current balance of the partner. It also shows the history of bookings including their statuses, total value, and final amount of earnings made. Remember that earnings are paid out when the minimum amount specified in the Payout method section is reached on your balance.
  • Payouts: contains information on all the months during which payouts were made to the partner's account.
  • Payout method: allows you to set up the details required to receive the earnings to your bank account or using other methods.

The current partner's balance is displayed in the top left corner of the page. If you click on the balance amount, the Balance tab opens. The amount to be paid in the upcoming month is displayed next to the balance.

Note: All values are displayed in the currency specified in the Payout method tab.

If you change the currency on your payout method, your balance will be recalculated according to the exchange rate on the day of each booking. For conversion we use the exchange rate from the website:  

Balance tab

The Balance report contains the following:

  • Filters section that allows you to set up the displayed balance change history. The section includes the following filters:
    • Period — allows you to set a time period (the selector shows only the months when the funds were received. Paid-out earnings can be found in the Payouts tab).
    • Status — the action status.
    • Program — allows you to display financial changes in the context of one program.
    • Booking ID — search by unique activity identifier assigned to each booking.
  • The statistics table that contains:
    • Program — the program's name that pays the earnings (or adjusts the balance).
    • Date — date and time of the creation of the booking.
    • Description — booking description (route or any other information about booking).
    • Booking ID — unique identifier of the booking.
    • Status — current status of the booking.
    • Booking value — the value of the booking.
    • Earnings — the partner's revenue for the booking. When a reward is earned, a positive amount is displayed. When a write-off occurs, a negative amount is displayed.

Payouts section

The tab contains the following sections:

  • The section for month selection which displays the total payout amount for each month. If you click on a month, the data in the table below will be updated to reflect the data for that month.
  • A block with general information about the payout:
    • Payout amount
    • Date — the day of the payout
    • Payout method — the account to which the payout was made
    • Comment — any additional information about the payout
  • Bookings table consists of the following columns:
    • Program — a program that influenced the balance
    • Booking ID — an activity identifier
    • Date — date and time of the booking
    • Earnings — income amount (balance changes)

Payout methods tab

After signing up for Travelpayouts, partners are prompted to fill in their payout details in the Payout methods tab.

To specify the payout method, open the Payout methods tab and specify the country of your tax residence (in most cases, it is the country you reside in for more than 182 days per year).

Once you specify the country, the payout methods will be displayed below on the page.

Note: The earnings amount in the Balance and Payouts tabs will be displayed in the currency selected in your payout method.

You can change the payout method at any time. Please note that the minimum payout amount depends on the selected method. The minimum payout amount defines when you will receive the automatic payout via the specified method.

Note: Some payout methods may become unavailable upon changing your country of tax residence.

To add a new payout method, click + Set next to the desired method and fill in the form.

You can set up more than one payout method and switch between them when needed. To do this, add information about one more method and click Set as main on its card.

You will receive an email containing a confirmation link after adding a new payout method or switching between the existing ones.

Tip: You can set up any amount as the minimum payout to be able to receive payouts once the desired amount has been earned on your account balance.

Once the payout method is added or changed, you will see the updates in the Payout methods change history table at the bottom of the Payout methods tab:

The table consists of three columns:

  • Details —includes the name of the payout method, full name, and additional details that were previously added to the method.
  • Minimum payout — the minimum payout amount set for the payout method.
  • Date — the date of the change.