Getting started with widgets

This article describes what widgets are available on the Travelpayouts partnership platform, where to find them, and how to install them.

What are widgets

Widgets are interactive promotional materials that a user can interact with (e.g., search form, calendar, useful material that is automatically uploaded to the site). 

If the user interacts with the widget (for example, by clicking on the Details/Buy/Search button), he/she will be redirected to the advertiser’s page. The page displays search results on request or information that helps the user to buy the advertiser’s services.

The article titled Affiliate programs tools contains a summary of other tools available at Travelpayouts.

How widgets work

Each brand’s program at Travelpayouts has a different set of widgets. Widgets can be related to popular destinations, schedules, maps, etc. You can place widgets on blogs and websites that support external codes.

For example, users can use widgets to search for airline tickets. To do this, they simply need to enter their travel dates, destination, and other information directly inside the widget on your webpage. Once users click the “Search” button, they are sent to the brand’s site, where they can purchase a given travel service. If the user visited the brand’s site and booked the service thanks to your widget, you’ll receive a partner reward.

How to find a widget for a program

Note! You need to connect to a program to be able to access the list of available widgets.

To find a program’s widget, open your Travelpayouts account and go to the Programs section, find the program you’re interested in, and click on the brand’s logo or simply click the Tools button.

On the Tools tab select the Widgets section.

You will be presented with the list of all widgets available in the program.

Please note that some brands don’t have widgets as a tool included in their programs. You can filter programs with widgets using the Tools filter on the top of the page:

What kinds of widgets are available at Travelpayouts

When it comes to setup and installation widgets come in two varieties:

  • Customizable widgets: you can change the style, title, language, currency, and some other values in the form. For such widgets the Set up button is available.

  • Ready-made widgets. The appearance of such widgets cannot be changed and only the Get the Code button is available. 

How to install the widget on the site

To add the widget to your website, click Get the Code. if the widget supports customization, check the next paragraph for details.

After clicking Get the code button, the pop-up with the Widget code will appear:

If you connected more than one Project to the program, you will be able to select the needed one from the drop-down menu of the Project field.

You can also create a SubID for the widget to monitor the statistics and performance of that specific widget in reports. In the SubID field, you can enter for example the type of content, the theme of the article, or the place of the widget in the article. Some examples are: “hotels review”, “Asia”, “top-10 resorts”, and “link in the intro”.

Copy the code and enter it on your website:


All bookings made via Travelpayouts are tracked in the statistics thanks to your partner ID, which is included in the code of the widget.

Please pay attention to the various properties of widgets, such as adaptability. An adaptive widget automatically adjusts its size to the page size. A non-adaptive widget remains unchanged at any size.

How to install a customizable widget

Most brands on Travelpayouts have customizable widgets. We have gathered information about that kind of widget and how to set it up in the How to customize widgets article. 

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