How to analyze the performance of your White Label App

Once your app is published and the first downloads and interactions (like searches, clicks, and bookings) have appeared, you can start tracking statistics and analyzing user behavior. This will help you understand which tabs are more popular and bring you the most earnings.

To see the statistics:

1. Go to the White Label App page in your Travelpayouts account.

2. Click the View performance button at the top of the screen.

Important: If your application is not displayed on the page, it means that no actions have been performed in it yet. You can go into the application yourself and perform at least one search (you can do this in the test build).

3. The Statistics section of your Travelpayouts account will open, where the data in the report will be automatically filtered by your White Label applications.

The report contains the following columns:

  • Project — the name of the app for which statistics are displayed.
  • Impressions — the number of times your affiliate widgets and banners were displayed to the audience. 
  • Clicks — the number of times your audience clicked on affiliate links or other tools placed on your channels. Only clicks on affiliate links and banners are displayed in this column. As for widgets, only impressions and bookings are counted.
  • Pending — the number of bookings processed by the brand.
  • Canceled — the number of bookings canceled by brands. Among possible causes are booking cancellation by travelers, program rules violation, or fraud.
  • Confirmed — the number of bookings confirmed by brands. You’ll receive earnings for these bookings with one of your next payouts.
  • eCPC — the average earnings from one click.
  • Earnings — the rewards you earned for bookings via your affiliate tools. This is what goes towards your balance and payouts.
  • Potential earnings — the earnings you will receive from pending bookings if brands confirm them.

You can learn more in the Reports and statistics section of our help center. 

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