Account settings

1. Open your Travelpayouts affiliate dashboard.

2. On the top right corner of the page, click the small arrow next to your ID and click Profile link.

3. The Personal data tab will be launched

In the Personal data tab, partners can:

  • change the account's email address
  • change password
  • update personal data: Name, Last name, Date of birth
  • select a country of residence
  • choose a language for the interface
  • subscribe/unsubscribe from email newsletters
  • delete account

How to change your email address

Click the Change email button in the Email section: 

In the opened form, you can specify your new email address.

To confirm the change, you need to enter your password. Travelpayouts will send a confirmation to the new email address. Click Verify in the email to complete the setup.

You can read more details in the How to change the email address article.

How to change your password

Click the Change password button in the Email section: 

You will be presented with the pop-up window where you need to enter your current password and new password. The requirements for the password are listed below the fields. 

Once you have entered valid data in both fields, click the Change password button. Your password will be successfully updated.

You can read more details in the How to change your password article.

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