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We have the complete solutions for travel website: search forms of hotels and avia tickets, banners, links, widgets.

Search Forms

Form for plane ticket search


Form for hotel search

If you want create hotel's affiliate website this form can helps you.


Examples of integration

Main properties

  • Form size can be flexibly configured, with the ability to set any width from 200px to 940px or it can be responsive.
  • The form is available in seven bundled color themes. You can also specify a color for the form manually (changing the color of the background, border, text, icons, and buttons).
  • The upper part of the form contains a logo (which can be disabled if necessary). We do not recommend hiding the logo since our trademark increases the trust placed in forms and, therefore, improves conversion rates. In addition, when the logo is clicked an affiliate marker (a cookie) is placed on the client computer, meaning that all sales from the logo are counted for our affiliates.
  • The lower part of the form contains a constantly updated Best Deals section (can be disabled).
  • The form is available in English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian.

Form code can be copied from your account page, under Tools –> Search forms.

How to add a search form to an article page in WordPress

You can use our plugin for Wordpress.

Form builder (for independent development)

You can use our special form builder to create your own form and integrate it into the design of your site. Go to the affiliate account page and go to the Search forms tab. Then click the Create new search form button to create a form and click the Edit button to edit it. In the window that opens, you can configure the appearance and content of the search form:



To track the ratio of profitable clicks to the total number of clicks for different forms on different sites or pages, add a unique additional marker, which is displayed in the statistics on your account page.

If you need a unique form that fully “meshes” with your design, use HTML. HTML and CSS knowledge is necessary for this customization, which you can learn more about here.

Map widget

The map widget is an interactive map that illustrates flights from the city specified in its settings. If no city is specified, the widget independently determines the city in which the user is located and displays the city on the map.


Clicking anywhere on the map redirects the user to a map hosted at The user can edit the filter settings that control display of fights on the map.

Hotels map

Widget "Hotels map" shows hotels on the map of a city or a place that tourists chose. To add "Hotels map" on your page go to "Hotels widget" in account page. First configure the size of the map.


Click on the link "Map example" to open the page with different design of Hotels map.

Use the advanced settings to customize the maps.


  • Location - the default place which will be displayed on the map (if not specified the system identify the location of geoip);
  • Locale - language on the map;
  • Host - the host address;
  • Additional marker - used for the convenience of the statistics;
  • Draggable - enable or disable moving the map with the mouse;
  • Disable zoom - enable a limit on the maximum approximation of map;
  • Scroll wheel - zooming with the mouse wheel;
  • Marker Size - sets the size of the icon that marks hotels on the map;
  • Map styled - select the color scheme of map;
  • Color scheme - design options and colors of markers on the map;
  • Embed code - code of widget to put it on your page.

Text Links

Affiliate links can go both to pages on and to search results for a specific route. In addition, you can create links for a specific ticket. For documentation on creating affiliate links, go here.

Links are created on your account page, under Tools –> Test links.



We recommended using search forms, which are the most effective sales tool. But if you prefer banners, you can download them from your account page, under Tools –> Banners section in the Affiliate Portal.

To place a banner on your site, download the image and place it in the necessary location on your page, being sure to indicate your affiliate code in the link. 

WordPress Plugin

We offer a special plugin for WordPress blogs. You can download it from the WordPress catalog of plugins. The plugin is available in two languages: English and Russian. If you are the travel blogger or you just want to create a travel blog this plugin helps to you!

White Label

White Label is search powered by Jetradar or Hotellook that is integrated into the design of your site. If you have White Label configured, the user will see search results on a subdomain of your site. If White Label is not configured, users will be redirected during search to or

If you want to start online travel agency business or start your own travel business you can use White Label and all clients will stay on your website.

White Label setup instructions:

White Label design examples:


Best offers

Feed of the best offers:

The file contains information about the best deals from agencies in English.

Pay attention! You can get the list of articles about cities in the places_t.csv.


From your account page you can access the API Flight Data Access, Affiliate Stats APIHotel search API and Flight Search API the last of these is available from technical support by special request. To learn about how to gain access to the APIs, look here.

You can create your own travel affiliate website with help of our API and make noney by selling tickets and attracting new partners.

Example site implemented via our search API:

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