Aviasales search form

This article will guide you through setting up an Aviasales search form for flights.

To configure the search form and get its code for posting it on your platform, go to the Aviasales affiliate program, select Tools and then the Widgets section. Click the Customize button.


You can set up the search form and its appearance in the window that opens.


  • Project — select the project where the widget will be placed
  • Your Sub ID — use this option to collect detailed statistics. More details on Sub ID
  • Form type — the search form type:
    • flights — airline tickets only
    • flights + hotels — a combined form (can be switched using tabs)
  • language — the form language
  • Currency — select the currency to display in search results
  • Hosts — a website on which a list of tickets opens when users click on the Search button. To open tickets search on your website, create and configure a White Label, then select it in the list of domains.


  • Primary color, text color, input background color, background color, border color — customize the colors of the widget in HEX format
  • Border radius, px — the radius of the rounding frame of the widget
  • Hide labels — select to remove the labels from the widget
  • Hide logo — select to remove the Aviasales logo from the search form
  • Origin, destinationenter the departure and destination cities to be displayed in the widget by default. If this is not done, the departure city will be determined by the user’s IP address
  • Add my referral link — adds a link Powered by Travelpayouts under the search form. More details in the article Referral program.

To place a widget in your site, click Copy code and paste the code onto your website.

Example of the search form