Media Buying

Media buying is the process of purchasing traffic on digital platforms at a lower price and its following resale at a higher cost.

In Travelpayouts, media buying includes the following types of traffic:

  • Teaser advertising
  • Targeted ads on social networks
  • Media advertising
  • Motivated traffic
  • Click-Under
  • Pop-Up
  • Pop-Under
  • In mobile apps
  • Retargeting / Remarketing

Learn more about traffic sources here.

When connecting to a program, please note that if at least one type of media buying is prohibited in the "Allowed brand promotion methods and channels" section, then any media buying will be marked as prohibited.

How to filter programs allowing Media Buying

  1. Open Programs tab;
  2. In the Relevant to line flag checkbox next to the name of your project, where media buying was selected as a promotional channel. For example:

  1. As a result, only programs allowing media buying will be shown in the list below

What Is Prohibited

While working with Travelpayouts, it is prohibited to:

  • Mention names of brands in the ads (for example, Hotellook or Aviasales), as well as any of their alternative spellings (e.g., "hotellooook").
  • Mislead people with phrases like "Get a 25% discount for tickets in all directions today" or similar.
  • Use push notifications and/or adult traffic.
  • Spam in any way.

What Is Allowed

  • Forwarding traffic to the domains of affiliate programs through your website.
  • Directing traffic to your White Label or your own resource.
  • Using pop-up, pop-under, and click-under advertising if it is NOT related to spam.

Terms of Cooperation

  • We pay up to 50% from the profits we get for each booking made using our tools. On average, you earn approximately $7 from the price of a purchased plane ticket and $20 from a hotel booking (if the average bill is $400).
  • We accept worldwide traffic. The most highly convertible regions are: the USA, and Europe. For the USA and Europe, there are such services as and, which are originally in English and are localized into as many as 15 languages (DE, UK, ES, AU, IN, etc.)
  • The cookie lifetime is 30 days. This means all the airline ticket purchases and hotel bookings the user makes within 30 days from the creation of the cookie with your partner ID on the user’s device will be attributed to you.
  • If a user installs Aviasales mobile app or a browser extension, the browser cookie lifetime becomes unlimited, which means all subsequent purchases the user makes will be attributed to you.
  • Please contact us for complete information about installing mobile apps. We work with CPA only.

Affiliate Tools

The available tools are:


  1. Segment your traffic as much as possible.
  2. Use SubId in Travelpayouts for subsequent analysis of each particular form.
  3. Remember that in traffic media buying, different search queries have different conversion rates:

Good ones: "buy / price / tickets / cost" + direction;

Bad ones: "schedule / flights / distance / reviews", filler words "where / how / without". 

More useful keywords: hotels, flights.

Additional Information

If the ready-made tools are not enough, you can always benefit from our API, which offers you huge opportunities. You can learn all the details in the Developers (API and Data) section.

To start, take a look at the following articles, which provide step-by-step instructions: 

Articles about the tools for non-content traffic monetization (all the articles are available in the Affiliate Tools section):

Feel free to contact our Support Team if you still have questions.