Finance Section

In the Finance section, you can get detailed information about unpaid revenue, payments and details to withdraw funds.

General Description

Click on the corresponding link in the menu to get to the Finance section.


The page contains the following tabs:

  • Balance tab contains information about the current balance of the partner. It also shows the accrual of remuneration from the affiliate network to the partner. Remuneration is paid when the minimum amount specified in the Details is reached;
  • Payments tab contains information on all months during which payments were made to the partner’s account;
  • Details tab allows you to set up the details to receive the remuneration.

The current partner’s balance is displayed in the top left corner of the page. If you click on the amount, the Balance tab opens. The amount to be paid is displayed next to the balance.

Note: all values are displayed in the currency specified in the details of the partner (Details tab).

Balance tab

The Balance tab contains the following blocks:


  • Filter block allows to set up the displayed balance change history; includes the following filters:
    • Source — allows to display changes of finances in the context of one advertiser;
    • Search by ID — search by activity identifier;
    • Period — allows to set the time period (the selector shows only the months when the funds were received, the already paid out remuneration can be found in the Payments tab).
  • the statistics table contains:
    • Source — an advertiser who pays a revenue (or adjusts the balance);
    • Action ID — an action identifier;
    • Action date — a date and time of the action;
    • Status — a current status of action;
    • Sum — a rebalance value. Positive amount is displayed in case of remuneration accrual, negative amount is displayed in case of write-off;
    • Balance — the balance of the affiliate’s account after the transaction.

Payments tab

The Payments tab contains the following blocks:


  • month selection block displays the amount of payments for each month. If you click on a month, the data in the Payments table will change;
  • general information about the payment:
    • Payment amount;
    • Payment date — a last day of payment;
    • Payment details — the account to which the payment was made;
    • Comment — an additional information about payment.
  • Payment specification table consists of the following columns:
    • Source — a rebalance source;
    • Action ID — an activity identifier;
    • Action date — a date and time of the operation;
    • Payment — an amount of remuneration.

Payment details tab

After you register with the affiliate program, you will be prompted to fill in the details in the Payment details tab:


If you click on the Add payment details button, a form for filling in the details opens:


Please note that the amount of revenue in the Balance and Payments sections will be specified in the currency selected in the Payments details.

You can change the payment details at any time. Please note, that the minimum amount of payment depends on the withdrawal method.

When the payment details are filled in, the Payments details tab includes the following blocks:


  • current details of the affiliate and the date of the last change of details. To change the details, click the Change button;
  • Payments details history table contains the following columns:
    • Payments details — the selected method of withdrawal;
    • Minimum payment — the minimum payment set;
    • Date of change — the date of the change operation.

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