Travelpayouts account overview

After signing up for Travelpayouts the partner's affiliate dashboard page will open.


At the top of the main page of the account  you will find the following information:

  • Balance — unpaid rewards owed to the partner, including orders with a Paid status, but still on hold. Earnings are updated based on the payout process.
  • Payout in — the amount of the payout for a given month, where the minimum payout amount was reached. The payout can have the following statuses:
    • Sent — we sent you the payout via your chosen payout method. It usually arrives within 3 working days.
    • In review — we are verifying the booking confirmed by brands to make sure there is no inconsistency. The final payout amount can change once the review is done.
    • Declined — for some reason we were not able to transfer you your reward. Please get in touch with the support team to find out the details.
    • Next payouts — is displayed when the minimum payout amount is not reached yet. Once you reach the minimum amount, you’ll see the To be sent on status specifying the month and dates when the rewards will be paid out to your account. 

  • Link to blog.
  • Link to the knowledge base.
  • Create a Link — click to open a window where you can create a link to any connected program. Here, you can also set a SubID, copy the created link and place it on your resource. 
  • ID (the partner ID or affiliate marker) — click to open the menu, where you can:
    • Copy the ID
    • Go to your profile and Projects
    • Change the interface background color between dark and light mode
    • Log out of your affiliate dashboard

Server Time — UTC time, intended as a reference in statistics and reports. It may not coincide with the real-time of the user or booking.

The Main page

In the central part of the main page, you will find a table with basic data on affiliate programs.

Only the connected programs will be shown on the page. To connect to the programs, go to the Programs section. Read the How to connect to a program article for more information.

Each connected program has a separate line containing basic statistics.

  • Impressions — the number of times your affiliate widgets and banners were displayed to the audience. 
  • Clicks the number of times your audience clicked on affiliate links or other tools placed on your channels. Only clicks on affiliate links and banners are displayed in this column. As for widgets, only impressions and bookings are counted.
  • Pending — the number of orders that are being processed and confirmed by brands.
  • Canceled the number of bookings canceled by brands. Among possible causes are booking cancellation by travelers, program rules violation, or fraud.
  • Confirmed the number of bookings confirmed by brands. You’ll receive earnings for these bookings with one of your next payouts.
  • Earnings the rewards you earned for bookings via your affiliate tools. This is what goes towards your balance and payouts.
  • Potential earnings the earnings you will receive from pending bookings if brands confirm them.

When you hover over the line with the program, three icons appear: statistics, tools, and pin. You can easily access the program's page using these icons or pin the program on the top of the list to always see its statistics on the first line.

On the right side of the table are the Blog and News tabs. The News tab displays all changes in the affiliate programs, while the Blog tab contains links to the latest articles from the blog.


There is a filter block above the table that you can use to manage the table's contents.


Partners can filter data by a specific period, such as the current day, the day before, the current month, and the past month. To filter data simply click on the Today, Yesterday, or any other value.

Clicking on All programs opens a list of options:

  • All programs — shows all programs that you are connected to.
  • Pinned programs — shows all programs that have been pinned using the Pin icon.
  • With data — shows only programs that have at least some data (clicks, click-throughs, income, and others).

When you select an option, the data in the table will be updated.

Main menu

On the left side is the main menu which you can use to access the following: programs, reports, finance, tools, academy courses, and bonuses.


This section contains a list of programs with a short description of each. You can filter this list with the help of the filter block  located above the list of programs:

  • Search — search by program name.
  • Categories — how you can earn money in the affiliate program (flight tickets, transfers, excursions, accommodation, and others).
  • Relevant to — filter programs based on your Projects so that you can only see the programs that you can connect to using specified Projects.
  • Filter — apply additional filters to the list:

    • Tools — allows you to select programs with suitable tools (widgets, links, banners, etc.)
    • Rewarded platforms — shows programs where you can earn rewards using specific devices.
    • Languages — languages that the brand's websites support.
    • Target countries — from which countries the program receives traffic.

The Clear filters button removes all the filters.

In the list of programs, you can find the following information:

  • Brand's name
  • Reward rate
  • Cookie lifetime
  • brief description

If you are connected to the program, you will see the Tools and Performace buttons. If you are not connected — the Details button will be present.

If you click on the program name or on the Details button, a page with detailed information and program terms will open. There's a link to the program's website and social networks in the right-hand corner. After connecting to a program, the information on the Tools and Performace tabs will become available: you will be able to get access to the brand's tools and see details statics on the performance.


This section contains all the statistical information related to working with affiliate tools. Read more in the following article: Travelpayouts reports overview.


This section contains detailed information on the income received, details for the receiving of earned rewards, and payment history. You can read more in the following article: Finance section.


This section contains information about tools presented on the Travelpayouts platform with links to related articles and the possibility to see the list of programs with selected tools.


At the bottom of the page, you will find a list of social networks and several useful links.