How to create a link to any page of the advertiser's website

In addition to pre-created links to various pages of offer’s websites, Travelpayouts has developed the Link Generator tool. With it, you can create affiliate links to any page of the offer’s website.

Note! To receive an affiliate link, you must be joined affiliate program. Right after registering in the affiliate network, you are already subscribed to Jetradar and Hotellook. Read about links to the websites of these companies in the relevant sections.

You can quickly create a link to any page of the program’s website using our extension for Chrome or using the CREATE A LINK menu:


Look at the short video how to create and use affiliate links:

Or you can use the Link Generator on the program’s page, On the Tools tab click the Links generators.


Copy any link from the offer’s website and paste it into the The address of the landing page field. If necessary, edit the link text in the appropriate field.

The link is generated automatically.

Copy the link from the Affiliate link field and paste into your website.

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