How to create an affiliate link to any page on the brand's website

At Travelpayouts, you can create an affiliate link to any page of a travel brand’s website (so-called deep link). This way you can direct your audience to a specific flight, hotel, or other product offered by this brand. This type of link increases the chance of bookings.

Note! To create an affiliate link, you must be connected to an affiliate program

1. Open a program's page and navigate to the Tools tab.

2. Click the Links section. The link creation form is located at the top of the page.

Note! There is a limited number of programs that don’t support link creation. For these programs, you can only use ready-made links.

3. Go to the travel brand's website, open any needed page (for example a page with search results for a required destination), and copy the URL of the page.

 Be sure to copy the link to the brand's website only from the address bar of your browser. Otherwise, the final link will not work.

4. Paste the link into the Target URL field. 

5. If more than one Project is connected to the program, you can select the needed one in the My Project drop-down list.

6. You can optionally specify SubID.

7. The deep link will be generated automatically in the Link field.

8. Copy the link and paste it on your website.

If you would like to work with long links, just click the Show full link switch. The generator will display a long URL with all technical parameters.

Note! There is a limit of 50 short affiliate links created per hour. If the limit is exceeded, you will see a warning. In this case, you can get back to creating affiliate links in 1 hour.

How to create an affiliate link via the Create link menu

You can quickly create a link to any page of the travel brand's website using our extension for Chrome or using the Create link menu at the top right corner of your Travelpayouts account:

The menu is accessible from any page of your account.

How to make sure that a short affiliate link contains your ID

To check whether a link contains your partner ID, use any short-link expander. For example, Paste the short link into the input field and click the Uncover URL button. You will see the full link in the Destination URL field. Make sure that there is a “marker= value" parameter that contains your Travelpayouts ID.


Main advantages of short affiliate links generated at Travelpayouts

  • They don’t contain any technical parameters. A short affiliate link looks as follows:, where the promoted brand name is specified instead of heylama.
  • They contain a limited number of symbols. You won’t meet any difficulties when placing affiliate links along with the content in your social networks.
  • They provide a high level of credibility. Travelpayouts short affiliate links contain the name of a particular travel brand, which has a positive effect on conversions.
  • You can easily get one without leaving your affiliate dashboard. You don’t need to look for third-party URL shortener services and switch between tabs in your browser to shorten a URL. You can create a short affiliate link with the link creation form or Create a link menu in your Travelpayouts account.