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What You Should Known About Travelpayouts

  • You earn approx. $7 from each sold plane ticket and an average of $20 from each hotel booking, if the average booking bill is $400.
  • The payments from hotel bookings are made with a delay, and only after the traveler checks out from the hotel. Please, don’t be surprised if you don’t see this profit in your Member Area at once. Wait a little, and you’ll surely see it there.
  • If a ticket is purchased on the website of a low-cost airline company (,,,,, or you won’t get any profit, since these companies don’t pay us any commissions for the tickets they sell. However, to enable the users look for the cheapest airline tickets, we have to show the prices offered by the low-cost airline companies in the search results.
  • A user who followed your link gets a cookie with a lifetime of 30 days. This means that all the airline ticket purchases and hotel bookings made by the user within 30 days from the date of creation of the cookie with your marker on the user’s computer will be attributed to you.
  • The more users install our mobile apps by following your links, the higher are your profits.
  • You should segment your traffic as much as possible and use additional markers in our system to analyze of each form.
  • While promoting websites, remember that different search queries have different conversion rates:

Good ones: „buy / price / tickets / cost” + direction;

Bad ones: „schedule / flights / distance / reviews”, filler words „where / how / without”

  • To create your own Jetradar/Hotellook and get statistics, you can use our API (all details can be found in the "Developers" section).


  • Use your posts to encourage your visitors to make a purchase, to travel, to interact with our tools. Suggest them to make a search, and prompt how exactly they can do it (by using a form or a widget).
  • It is not enough to put a form on the sidebar or add a link into the menu — this won’t let you achieve the effect you want. The correct placement is horizontal, right after the article. The visitor reads your article and gets interested in buying a ticket, instead of missing the form while reading. Also, you need to encourage your visitors to make the purchase, to go for the trip, and to interact with the form.
  • If your post is dedicated to a certain city, insert its name into the search forms / widgets. If you tell a story about a certain hotel, suggest a link to that hotel, or better yet, use our hotel This will increase conversion rate and your profit.
  • Use several widgets on the page. For instance, the search form in the beginning and the Calendar Widget in the end of a post.
  • Recommend our mobile apps. Since your markers are tied to them forever, you will get profits for the whole app’s/plugin’s lifetime on the users’ devices.
  • Use information from the special offers feed for writing content.
  • Promote hotels. They provide higher profits.
  • Analyze popular flight directions. These data are available in the Reports section of your Members Ares. Use this information to write new posts and/or promote the existing ones. 

Additional Information

Some integration details are illustrated with examples and are available in the How To section.

If the ready-made tools are not enough for you, you can always benefit from our API. It will increase your opportunities and provide different statistics. You can learn all the details from the "Developers (API and data) section".

But for starters, take a look at the following articles, which provide step-by-step introductions:

Feel free to contact our Support Team if you still have any questions.


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