Why choose Travelpayouts over direct affiliate programs?

Many travel brands offer direct affiliate programs that allow users to use affiliate tools and earn rewards. Of course, you can sign up for multiple direct programs, but managing statistics, payments, affiliate links, and other tools becomes overwhelming. 

Travelpayouts is an all-in-one platform that simplifies management by consolidating all these things into one user-friendly interface.

Travelpayouts offers a multitude of advantages over the complexity of connecting directly to individual programs:

1. Catalog of 60+ brands

Travelpayouts features a catalog of over 60 trusted and popular travel brands, including Booking.com, Tripadvisor, GetYourGuide, and many others. 

Most brands are available for instant connection right after registration. Some of the brands require approval, but it usually takes only a couple of days. 

Right after connection you get instant access to all affiliate tools associated with the respective programs.

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2. Unique tools that help you earn more easily

Travelpayouts offers a set of common affiliate tools for each program: links, widgets, banners. No need to log in to each direct program to copy affiliate tools, you can easily manage everything in your Travelpayouts account. Explore all tools brands have to offer in one place and have an easy way to copy and paste them on your website or other channel.

Travelpayouts also offers unique tools, designed to help you earn more easily:

  • Travelpayouts Google Chrome extension: create partner links effortlessly

Creating affiliate links for different brands, like GetYourGuide, Viator, or Booking, no longer requires logging in to multiple sites. With Travelpayouts, you can simply use the Google Chrome extension to generate an affiliate link to a specific brand page in seconds.

  • Delegated Access: invite your assistants to your account

Travelpayouts offers a Delegated Access feature that lets you grant certain people (like your content team members) limited access to your account for specific jobs. They will be able to access limited sections of your account, depending on their role. This way, delegates can manage their responsibilities without ever needing to know your password or having access to your private information.

  • LinkSwitcher: automatically replace links on your blog with Travelpayouts affiliate links

LinkSwitcher is a tool designed to seamlessly convert your blog's existing links into partner links. This clever JavaScript code identifies and assigns your unique Travelpayouts ID to each link, ensuring you get credit for any travel sales generated through your blog. It's user-friendly, requires no coding expertise, and can be installed right from your Travelpayouts account.

3. Automatic monthly payments

One payment every month for all your affiliate programs. No more tracking minimum payment thresholds or managing payments across different platforms. 

Travelpayouts combines earnings from all your affiliate programs into a single monthly payment, directly deposited into your bank account or PayPal. 

Your dashboard provides clear details so you know when to expect your next payment and how much it will be.

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4. All statistics in one place

Travelpayouts offers a unified dashboard presenting comprehensive data across all brands including impressions, clicks, and earnings.

With Travelpayouts Reports you can identify top-performing brands, analyze individual statistics, and export data effortlessly for in-depth analysis, all within a single, user-friendly interface.

You can also get a detailed overview of each program's performance and check the details of each booking made using your affiliate tools.

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5. Dedicated Support Team

Our dedicated Support Team is ready to assist you at any time. We address concerns promptly, ensuring you never feel left to grapple with problems on your own. 

You can Contact support through various channels, including Facebook and Instagram, aside from your personal account.

Let's conclude by highlighting some of the reasons why travel bloggers choose Travelpayouts:

  • Our platform features a curated selection of travel brands. 
  • We continuously improve our platform to be more user-friendly for travel bloggers. 
  • We provide practical guidance on monetizing your travel blog and collaborate with industry experts to share valuable insights with our partners. 
  • We prioritize our partners' experiences, aiming for a seamless and prosperous collaboration. 
  • We believe in the mutual success of our partners and look forward to exploring the ways we support their endeavors, with testimonials from long-standing collaborators.